Meet The New Nazis, Same As The Old Nazis

Can we please knock it off with the ‘alt-right’ bullshit:

One thing to keep in mind is that these guys rarely use racial epithets–they don’t need to because everyone in the crowd knows exactly what is meant. But don’t kid yourself, these guys are just a revamped, cleaned-up version of neo-Nazism. As one reader put it on the Twitterz, “Impossible to not recognize this for what it is.”

One other point: I don’t know or care what is in elite racist Steve Bannon’s heart. That Breitbart plays footsie with the ‘alt-right’ is awful, whether it be from true belief or cynicism. Either way, it’s awful.

And to cleanse the palate:

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One Response to Meet The New Nazis, Same As The Old Nazis

  1. John Danley says:

    Richard Spencer reminds me of David Miscavige. Fucking creepy dude.

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