Geography And The Trumpist Bubble


I’ve been meaning to write this for a few days, but the recent booing and heckling of Vice-President Elect and Torturer for Jesus of Gay People Mike Pence at a performance of Hamilton in New York City got me off my keister, along with this manifesto “New Yorkers Have a Duty: Be Rude to the Trumps“:

New Yorkers, it’s time to do what we do best. It’s time to start a nonstop protest campaign of rudeness against Trump and his brood.

The best part of New York is that it’s a city that speaks its mind. People here will tell you if you are in their way, if you are doing something wrong, if you are being an asshole. If we respect Trump out of patriotism or out of reverence for the office he’s about to hold or out of politeness, we are letting down the values that make New York great. Trump is an asshole, and so are his kids. Let’s tell them that.

This project has already begun. Eric Trump was harassed by teens on the street last week. Three buildings bearing the Trump name have had those five noxious letters removed because residents complained. New Yorkers have built a wall of Post-It notes inside a subway station expressing shock and anxiety and rage at the election results. But we can do more.

If you see a Trump, say something. Specifically, say, “Fuck you!” Say, “Get out of this city!”

The president is not a king, the Trumps are not royalty; you are not under any obligation to put up with their bullshit. If you own a deli or a restaurant, refuse to serve any Trumps. If you wait on the Trumps, you have to give them their food or you’ll likely be fired, but you can give them back their tip. If you see Jared and Ivanka at a gala, or Eric in a corporate box at a Giants game, don’t acknowledge them. If people applaud the Trumps, like those patrons at Club 21, counter that applause with boos…

Being a jerk to Trump or his kids isn’t going to stop them either. But it might make them feel bad for just a split second, it might wear on them and, in time, cause them to question what they’re doing. It will, if nothing else, remind them over and over that the city they call home does not share their values, and remains angry at what they have done to this country.

What will be interesting–though I would much prefer boredom–is what happens when the Trumpkins arrive in D.C. This city has always been a Democratic stronghold, but this feels different. First of all, only four percent of voters voted for Trump–that’s worse than either McCain or Romney did against Obama. There were two precincts out of 143 where fifteen percent of votes cast were for Trump, but after that we’re basically at six percent or lower. Most of the places Trumpkins will want to live or play are going to be in very unfriendly neighborhoods.

And given the bubble the Trumpists live in–that cluelessness goes both ways*–combined with some breathtaking anger management issues, there could be some conflicts. While the city is usually pretty tolerant of political differences (it has to be), I’m not sure that’s going to happen this time.

*Pence goes to Broadway? How else did he think it would turn out?

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6 Responses to Geography And The Trumpist Bubble

  1. John Danley says:

    I’m anticipating a big league Trump statue to be “erected” in front of Union Station. All praise the gold-plated leader. Where are the piñatas when you need ’em?

  2. sglover says:

    Over the years I’ve known people in places like Bethesda and Takoma Park and Alexandria who are fervent about, say, abortion, will always pull the lever for whatever ham sandwich Team Dem is serving up, and have no problem at all hanging out with their friend who works at, say, the Heritage Foundation, cranking out the shit. You think **DC** is going to be the bastion of resistance to the Trump crowd?!?! You think that after **maybe** a short interval of minor awkwardness Trumpist hangers-on won’t seamlessly fit right in with the annual summer migration to the Delaware shore? C’mon…. I thought you lived in this area?

  3. Vickie Feminist says:

    I’m psychotherapist in DC. My clients are all treating this like a death in the family. Further, none of them claimed to have friends or neighbors who voted or Trump, only wrong-headed elderly parents. The hate in the Trump crowd is very different than the Reagan crowd.

  4. sglover says:

    What do you mean by “hate in the Trump crowd”? Do you expect that some guy from Toledo wearing a MAGA hat is moving to Falls Church? Does it surprise you that in the Beltway, the only part of the country that has been essentially untouched by 2008 and its aftermath, you haven’t run into many Trump voters? Do you ever get outside of this region very often? You don’t even have to get very far out. I can think of a half dozen coworkers who voted for Trump, who live in Baltimore & PG.

    The Trump people who move here are going to be another round of camp followers. Just like every other change of administration. This lot will have fewer advanced degrees from prestige schools — no bad thing, really — but they’ll have lengthy histories in various sorts of businesses that, on the surface, at least look nice.

    Give it six months at the very most. Trump people will be solid citizens throughout Northern Virginia, Bethesda, Potomac.

    I heard that Rumsfeld once had to endure a brief confrontation somewhere downtown after he retired. ONCE. DC people, at least the upper middle class types (and who else matters in DC, really?), have a very inflated sense of their political insight and toughness. We saw that in the collective self-delusion that helped select Clinton — lots of impeccable resumes in the DNC crowd, yowza!. But one thing the Beltway emphatically is not is rebellious. At all.

  5. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    If you wait on the Trumps, you have to give them their food or you’ll likely be fired, but you can give them back their tip.

    That would only offend someone with a conscience. I suspect the Trump-spawn wouldn’t be bothered by it.

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