Links 11/19/16

Links for you. Science:

Slime, Shorebirds, and a Scientific Mystery
Congressional Panel That Writes Checks for Science Will Get New Chief
Ebola Might Not Make Some People Sick, Study Finds
With an Eye on Hunger, Scientists See Promise in Genetic Tinkering of Plants


Van Jones: “Hope For the Best, Expect and Prepare For the Worst” (excellent)
The Fascist in November
Barack Obama has spent eight years expanding the national security state. He will soon hand its full power to Donald Trump.
Trump and net neutrality: How Republicans can make the rules go away
Polls Showed Sanders Had a Better Shot of Beating Trump–but Pundits Told You to Ignore Them
Of course Bernie Sanders could have beaten Donald Trump
As Ratings Plummet, N.F.L. Considers Reducing Ads and Length of Games
Sen Jeff Merkley (D-OR) Press Release on Steve Bannon
Three Myths About Clinton’s Defeat in Election 2016 Debunked
Jewish Leaders Condemn Trump’s Appointment of Steve Bannon (except for the kapos at AIPAC)
Facebook’s Fight Against Fake News Was Undercut by Fear of Conservative Backlash
Did historical Jesus really exist? The evidence just doesn’t add up. (don’t agree, but interesting)
After the Election: Don’t Panic, Think!
The scientifically proven, step-by-step guide to having a breakthrough conversation across party lines
Bannon’s unveiling as Trump’s chief strategist is a layer cake of horrors
Trump is a disaster, but talk of a “whitelash” is misguided — and counterproductive
Anti-Semitic propaganda was mailed to me at my home. This is not normal.

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2 Responses to Links 11/19/16

  1. Net Denizen says:

    Apparently AIPAC loves anyone who wants to send Jews to Israel, even white supremacists….

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Did historical Jesus really exist? The evidence just doesn’t add up. (don’t agree, but interesting)

    That article dates from December 2014. Not sure why you’re linking it now. You are not clear about what you disagree with; perhaps you mean the historical existence of Jesus. Nonetheless, you should agree that the quality of evidence presented in support is goddawful.

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