The Best Case Scenario For HHS?

For those who are not wise to the ways of Washington acronyms, DHHS (often referred to as HHS) stands for the Department of Human and Health Services. Two organizations that belong to HHS are the CDC and the NIH, so the HHS Secretary matters, certainly to a disproportionate number of blog readers. According to this STAT article, the top four possible candidates (which is to say, these are speculative) are: Ben Carson (STAB…STAB…STAB…), Bobby Jindal (believer in demonic possession and a creationist), Newt Gingrich, and Rich Bagger (he seems to be a long shot).

Of the four, Gingrich is the ‘best’ alternative.

These next four years are going to suck, even if we don’t become an autocracy.

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