The First Step Will Not Be To Attack The Left

Or Democrats in general. The first target will be ‘disloyal’ Republicans–those Republicans who opposed Trump like Ann Navaro, Mitt Romney, some Republican office holders. By attack, I don’t simply mean the Right Wing Puke Funnel–though that will be an essential ingredient to ‘legitimize’ this–but using the power of government in various ways to silence them. If the Nixon Administration is any guide, there will also be outright lawbreaking, though hopefully, not a Night of the Long Knives or other violence.

As galling as this may be (and, to me, it is), if anti-Trump Republicans are faced with bullshit attacks, we must defend them. This is no longer about awful policies, but preventing authoritarianism.

Schadenfreude is no longer a luxury we can afford.

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3 Responses to The First Step Will Not Be To Attack The Left

  1. Ketil Tveiten says:

    Who ever would have thought that the updated version of Niemöller’s poem would begin “First they came for the moderate Republicans” …

  2. Camilla Cracchioli says:

    Then why has Trump selected Reince Preibus as Chief of Staff? If that is not being nice to the Republican establishment, I don’t know what it is. Trump is hampered by not having specific policy proposals. But that same Republican establishment is just full of them. Guess whose agenda will get implemented.

  3. Hartmut says:

    They sound like late Stalinists from the early 50ies including borrowing some of the vocabulary.
    Preibus is an apparatchik right out of a test tube. He will toe the party leader’s line unthinkingly and unwaveringly.
    I’d say in general the GOP did manage to fuse RW and left totalitarian styles with the top going stalinist and the base fascist.
    Why not lean from the experts? [/snark]

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