It’s The 1980s Again, Except Worse


Guess who’s on Trump’s transition team?

Ed Meese. Meese is most famous for being the attorney general under Ronald Reagan’s administration. He also served in Reagan’s administration when Reagan was governor of California and led Reagan’s 1980 transition team. Meese has since worked for The Heritage Foundation as the chairman of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies and is now an ambassador for Heritage. Meese was once a fervent critic of Trump’s presidential candidacy, so the fact that he’s on Trump’s transition team should be a welcome sign for conservatives.

For any young’uns who want to know what politics in the Reagan era were like, you’re about to find out. Except that it will be worse, because there are no Congressional Democrats to hold them in check in any way.

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3 Responses to It’s The 1980s Again, Except Worse

  1. Rasta Bob says:

    I hate Meese’s to pieces!!

  2. Net Denizen says:

    Wow. And I thought he had died years ago. Pity that I turned out to be wrong….

  3. Hey! All you stoners who refused to vote for Hillary because she wasn’t for legalizing Marijuana? You just said no to pot AND porn! LOL, dumbass!

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