Links 11/13/16

Links for you. Science:

PacBio’s Quixotic Patent Litigation
10 Bullsh*t Arguments Against GMOs
Genetics startup Genos wants to pay you for your DNA data (about time it went this way)
Health officials find first cases of new superbug in US (we need to ban the word superbug though)
A nice view of the Forum of Nerva in the 9th century


I’m from the rural midwest. All of this talk about coastal elites needing to understand more of America has it backwards.
Michael Moore, Who Predicted Trump Win, Calls for Democratic Party Takeover
Trump Was Bold Enough to Be a Public Racist. It Worked.
Donald Trump’s Victory Was Built on Unique Coalition of White Voters
Cleveland’s Unthinking Racism
Revenge of the Forgotten Class
D.C.’s Nuclear Fallout Shelters Have Faded From Memory: With an impending Trump presidency, the city may someday need to revive the forgotten network
Trump Was Stronger Where The Economy Is Weaker
Democrats once represented the working class. Not any more
The Burden on Donald Trump
How the media made this monster, normalizing Donald Trump and demonizing Hillary Clinton, and it’s not over
Hillary Clinton’s Celebrity Feminism Was a Failure. Her reliance on Hollywood endorsements reflected a deeper problem in the Democratic Party: superficial progressivism packaged as real social justice.
Why did Trump win? In part because voter turnout plunged.
America Elects a Bigot
Electoral College Fail Number Six…
I call this chart “The Comey.”
What Hillary’s astounding loss means for the Democratic Party

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