Links 10/1/16

Links for you. Science:

Warming Oceans May Kill Off Baby Lobsters
’Power Posing’ Co-author: ‘I Do Not Believe That ‘Power Pose’ Effects Are Real’
Mysterious Ocean Blobs Aren’t So Mysterious
Behind the Push to Hold a Presidential Debate on Science-Based Issues
Tiny Bacteria Are Eating America’s Fighter Jets


Gary Johnson Wants to Crush the Bernie Revolution Once and For All
More Wealth, More Jobs, but Not for Everyone: What Fuels the Backlash on Trade. Trade is under attack in much of the world, because economists failed to anticipate the accompanying joblessness, and governments failed to help (“failed to anticipate”? Bullshit. For too many, that was a feature, not a bug)
An Intriguing Link Between Police Shootings and Black Voter Registration (c’mon, give us an effect size, r, something…_
Blunder Boys: They’re Great Political Consultants, But Their Candidates Keep Losing
Aging and My Beauty Dilemma
Berkeley professor at center of sexual harassment scandal sues his accusers
Oh, So Now You’re OK With Hillary Clinton?
How Trump was named ‘Grand Benefactor’ for a Dana-Farber gala without donating a penny
Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors Is Mandated by Labor Department
The End of the Line
Rogue Mission: Did the Pentagon Bomb Syrian Army to Kill Ceasefire Deal? (disturbing)
Economists Keep Getting It Wrong Because the Media Coverup Their Mistakes
‘I have never seen so many rats’: Yelp takes on the totally fake ‘Dupont Circle Rat Sanctuary’
We Used To Do That
That Seventh-Grade Bully Is Running for President

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  1. hipparchia says:

    “(c’mon, give us an effect size, r, something…_”

    ok, I did that, and it’s 2 or 3 or 4 hours of my life that I won’t get back.

    I downloaded copies of all the data from their various data sources and did some actual eyeballing of the actual data, as well as some calculations (in excel, no less!). I only get their result if I include such states as Hawaii (2 shootings: one black victim, one non-back victim, a miniscule percentage of the population is black).

    otherwise, removing all the states that had fewer than 4 black victims (but you can choose your own cutoff point) leaves 28 states with what looked even remotely like ENOUGH DATA POINTS PER STATE to be usable. for those 28 states, the percent of the total population that is black correlates (negatively) slightly more strongly than the percent of blacks who are registered to vote.

    restricting the analysis to the 17 states that had 10 or more black victims shows an even stronger (negative) correlation between percent black population and “over-representation” of blacks as victims of police shootings. in states with “lots” of black people AND “lots” of police killings, the effect of “percent of the black population that is registered to vote” is swamped by the effect of “percent of the population that is black.”

    if you’re a black person living in a lily-white state, (1) your chances of being shot by police are worse, and (2) registering to vote might possibly maybe perhaps a little bit make a small difference in that.

    also, too, if this article is representative of the caliber of epidemiological work in the u.s. we are doomed.

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