Trump Is Not An Outlier: The Global Warming Edition

While the Clinton campaign has decided to attempt to split Trump off from the Republican Party–with poor results–anyone who has followed Republicans knows this is utterly ridiculous. Consider this about Il Trumpe’s claim that global warming is a hoax (boldface mine):

How can someone deny having said something with such conviction when there is readily available evidence that he did? This is the question The Huffington Post posed to several of Trump’s surrogates after the debate ended Monday night…

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.)

HUFFPOST: During the debate Donald Trump definitively said that he never once said that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. But here is a tweet where he says just that. [We attempt to show her the tweet.]

BLACKBURN: Well, I don’t have my glasses on.

HP: Come on! OK, I’ll read it. [We read it.]

BLACKBURN: Well, many times when we talk about issues related to the climate, y’all have countries that would not be forced to come into compliance with some of these agreements. Then they will say they don’t have to abide by that, they plan to buy more coal.

HP: Do you believe that climate change is a hoax?

BLACKBURN: I do not believe in climate change. I think the Earth is in a cooling trend. It is not in a warming trend.

HP: You currently think the Earth is in a cooling trend?

BLACKBURN: It is in a cooling trend. It has cooled for about the past 10 years. And the thing that is so interesting is that when you say global warming or climate change, the climate will change. So yes, in that, I agree that it does. You have to ask, “Is it cyclical?”

HP: You know we’ve had about nine of the hottest years in the history of the planet have been in the past 10 years?

BLACKBURN: We have also seen the past 10 years a little bit of a cooling.

Note: The idea that the Earth is cooling is wrong.

This level of dumbitude would be amusing were it not for the, erm, global warming.

It’s not just Trump, it’s much, if not most, of the Republican Party. We ignore this at our own peril.

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One Response to Trump Is Not An Outlier: The Global Warming Edition

  1. Net Denizen says:

    This level of dumbitude would be amusing as well were it not for the fact it comes from a GODDAM SITTING REPRESENTATIVE OF THE US GOVERNMENT!! But pointing out to these people directly to their face how they lie just serves to make them dig in and lie some more. Because their constituents WANT them to lie, they don’t give two shits about whether reality exists. It’s all about posturing and nothing to do with actually addressing the things that affect literally everyone on this planet.

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