Links 9/24/16

Links for you. Science:

Compounds that select against the tetracycline-resistance efflux pump
Pit Bulls Are Chiller Than Chihuahuas (historically, pit bulls were seen as excellent pets for families with small children as they were viewed as friendly and fiercely loyal)
Can Reusing Spent Nuclear Fuel Solve Our Energy Problems? (actually, it’s not new, just the U.S. loves itself some plutonium)
Illumina, Secret Giant Of DNA Sequencing, Is Bringing Its Tech To The Masses
Gut Check: The Microbiome Game now available for purchase


‘I’m sorry’ for war and fear of terrorism: ex-US diplomat’s apology to daughter (must-read)
The ‘forgotten tribe’ in West Virginia; why America’s white working class feels left behind (this just can’t all be racism)
Bernie Sanders just might be the most popular politician in America
How Money Drives US Congressional Elections
How Democrats Can Overcome Their Self-Defeating Cynicism
The Kids Today
Barton Gellman Hits Washington Post’s “Passive Aggressive Critique” of Its Own Snowden Reporting: “It’s a good thing for the Post, and for journalism, that the opinion staff has no say in what counts as news.”
In Adams Morgan, a promise yet to be filled (Nadeau’s heart seems to be in the right place most times, but she doesn’t strike me as incredibly bright)
Why can’t Metro label escalators “walk left, stand right” or label where doors will stop on the platform? (“We have people like US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx insisting that safety is the only priority and that he’d sooner shut down the Metro than have any safety problem whatever. In that climate, doing something on escalators that could be a little less safe, even if the change is slight, is probably not wise.”)
The Broken Policy Promises of W. Bush, Clinton, and Obama
D.C. Council Delays Work Scheduling Bill Once Again
Trump Jr.’s Sick Skittle Analogy Will Be Familiar To White Supremacists
America is full of high-earning poor people (this is the new definition of middle-class, for me anyway)
Bowser, D.C. Council at odds on priority of public safety and labor legislation (again, there are class divides that too often go unmentioned)
Thomas Ferguson on how Money Drives Congressional Elections
McMansions 101 Revisited: Aesthetics Aside, Why McMansions Are Bad Architecture
Re Skittles, a personal tale.
Everybody Panic
D.C. Lawmakers Aim to Curb Arbitrary Rent Discounts
What the Election Will Mean for Schools

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