At This Point, Testimonials Aren’t Going To Sway Voters

In which the haplessness of Clinton surrogates continues.

I see many stories like this one, “Hillary has spent her life fighting for the rights of Americans with disabilities“, which exemplify the problem most pro-Clinton appeals have. It’s not that this isn’t a good point–helping the disabled is a very good thing! (And good for Clinton).

But it’s written, like so many pieces, ultimately, not as an argument about how this will help people, but as a statement of what a good person Clinton is. At this point, if someone is either seriously considering sitting out the election or could truly hasn’t decided, testimonials about Clinton’s character aren’t going to work. If he or she thought Clinton was a decent, but flawed (like all of us) person, he or she would be voting for Clinton. Instead, this line of argument rings hollow–telling someone “X is a good person” when they don’t think so (regardless of how stupid that might be) is not persuasive at all.

Instead, focus on how Clinton, along with Democrats who will keep her honest, will do things that make people’s lives better.

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2 Responses to At This Point, Testimonials Aren’t Going To Sway Voters

  1. Net Denizen says:

    We can’t have that! We’re too busy scaring people about Trump to invest time in telling people why Hillary is worth their vote! I mean, you don’t want THEM taking power, do you??

  2. Ruthmarie Hicks says:

    The entire problem here is that they are trying to build a campaign on testimonials not POLICY that will have an impact on the middle and working classes. OF COURSE it’s falling flat. How could it do anything but?

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