Links 9/18/16

Links for you. Science:

Hillary Clinton almost fainted. I’m a doctor. It’s really o.k.
What do the presidential candidates think about science and technology?
How NIH proposal percentiles are calculated and some instructions to reviewers
Trees know when deer are eating them — and how to fight back
Who Says You Can’t Train A Cat? A Book Of Tips For Feline-Human Harmony


Being white, and a minority, in Georgia
How the careless errors of credit reporting agencies are ruining people’s lives
I got arrested for putting my feet up on the subway. I was lucky I was white.
Wolf Blitzer Is Worried Defense Contractors Will Lose Jobs if U.S. Stops Arming Saudi Arabia (who will pay for ads on political shows then?)
How Donald Trump retooled his charity to spend other people’s money (in case you missed it)
Does Free College Threaten Our All-Volunteer Military? (the idea that maybe we shouldn’t have two million people under arms, not including our mercenaries, doesn’t even occur to the author)
If Trump Wins, Kids Lose: Trump’s education plan would decimate federal programs for low-income students
Vancouver to Tax Those With Empty Properties
With Pensions Like This ($315 a Month), Chileans Wonder How They’ll Ever Retire
Massachusetts Charter Advocate: Getting Rid of Democracy Improves Schools
Donald Trump’s campaign pledge: Fewer food safety regulations, more food poisoning
The Great American Surrender: Donald Trump might win. And even if he doesn’t, he’s paved the way for the next tyrant (Tom Cotton in 2020!)
That Great Census News
Reflections on Frank Biggio’s “Thank me for my military service by voting for Hillary Clinton”
Rhode Island: Teacher Beats House Majority Leader!
Black to School: The Rising Struggle to Make Black Education Matter
Ohio Republicans Formally Made It Harder for a Million People to Vote
Republicans Privately Panic At “Terrifying” Prospect Of Trump Win

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  1. rwv says:

    “Trees know when deer are eating them — and how to fight back”
    Trees might sense when deer are eating them, but I think it’s a far stretch to say they ‘know’.
    Or else we risk diluting the term too much to have any meaning at all.
    Knowing probably requires a nervous system of some sort; fast and fairly accurate information processing and memory are needed.

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