Links 8/21/16

Links for you. Science:

Why There’s New Hope About Ending Blindness (as usual, David Dobbs is worth the read)
Obama administration to shift $81 million to fight Zika
Nearly two decades of data reinforce concerns that pesticides are really bad for bees (maybe)
A Look at NIH Support for Model Organisms, Part Two
Why Big Solar and environmentalists are clashing over the California desert (the desert is an ecosystem, not an absence)


Why voters Should Be Concerned About Clinton’s Environmental Promises
Hillary Clinton Picks TPP and Fracking Advocate To Set Up Her White House
Anti-Semitic vaccine deniers – continued attacks on Prof. Reiss
UT: Fewer Teachers, Please
Born To Teach
When It Comes To The Zika Emergency, Even Mr. Trumpanzee Has More Sense Than Congressional Republicans
Will automated trucks be a job killer? – No, they will not.
Boston needs bike tracks
Hillary Clinton’s Magical Economy (regarding deficit spending, I made a similar point here)
Bridging America’s Foreign Policy Elite-Main Street Divide
The bandwidth bottleneck that is throttling the Internet
Wisdom, Courage and the Economy (our pundits is learning!)
On ‘Going Away’
Was it really going to end any other way.
English is not normal
Let’s Infill A Traditional Neighborhood (And Make A Profit)
The Republican War on Public Universities
Hillary Clinton Touts Endorsement By Terrible Human John Negroponte. Don’t Tout That, Hillary!
Milwaukee Riots Round-up of “Systemic Causes”
Twitter Can Fix Twitter With Just a Few Lines of Code

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