Zika Is The New Rubella

Since the Zika outbreaks first began, I’ve argued that Zika virus will change attitudes towards abortion just as rubella (the ‘R’ in the MMR vaccine) did. Here’s some recent polling data (boldface mine):

Americans’ strong aversion to late-term abortions drops precipitously if a developing fetus would likely be born with severe damage from the Zika virus, a new STAT-Harvard poll found.

It showed that 59 percent of respondents thought women should have the right to end a pregnancy after 24 weeks of gestation if testing showed there was a serious possibility the fetus had microcephaly caused by the mother’s Zika infection.

According to the poll (pdf), that’s an increase from 23 percent.

People used to joke that, for Republicans, life began at conception and ended at birth. Now, it seems we can’t even say that…

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