Links 8/6/16

Links for you. Science:

Why most studied populations should decline
The Lonely, Thirsty, Final Days of the Doomed Alaskan Mammoths
Setting the Body’s ‘Serial Killers’ Loose on Cancer
A Look at Trends in NIH’s Model Organism Research Support
Why we must keep the fires of the magical firefly burning


Thousands of Turkey coup prisoners ‘raped, starved and hogtied’
To Subsidize Development or Not?
Cities Need More Public Transit, Not More Uber and Self-Driving Cars
Ohio is Purging Infrequent Voters From the Rolls, Mostly From Democrat-Leaning Districts
Bay Area affordability crisis causing small businesses to lose valued employees
Will Urban Renewal Ever End? Boston was scarred by eminent domain 50 years ago. Now it’s debating whether to wind down City Hall’s urban renewal powers, or whether they can be used for progressive ends (my post on Boston’s West End here)
Convention Delegate John Laesch Tells Us What We May Have Missed At The Philly Convention
Trump Says He’ll Spend More Than $500 Billion on Infrastructure (“infrastructure bonds”. You mean, kinda like a U.S. Treasury security or something? Clinton’s deficit straitjacket isn’t flattering…)
To reduce suicides, look at guns
Liberals Need to Stop Writing Off Non–College Educated Workers — Before the White Working Class Writes Off Liberals (keep in mind, there’s a huge difference between getting 30% versus 40-45% in terms of electoral outcomes, especially down ballot)
Mass. insiders turn to lobbying careers
Gays Against Guns ‘Out’ the Other NRA
To Label Tulsi Gabbard A “Progressive” Is To Eviscerate The Very Meaning Of The Word And Stand It On Its Head

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