Links 7/26/16

Links for you. Science:

Race, not gender, is key factor in NIH awards
Non-slip socks: a potential reservoir for transmitting multidrug-resistant organisms in hospitals?
The laborious delivery of Markram’s brainchild
No, the US Isn’t Using Vaccine-Laced M&Ms to Save Ferrets
Cancer, sea life, mental health: the UK research that will be hit by Brexit


Tim Kaine, and Other Faith-Based Politics
Letting go of Suburbia
Donald Trump’s law and order acceptance speech didn’t feature any actual crime policies
Putin’s Puppet: If the Russian president could design a candidate to undermine American interests—and advance his own—he’d look a lot like Donald Trump
In case you were wondering how the gay friendlier speeches were received in the hall …
Terry McAuliffe will bypass VA Supreme Court and sign 200,000 clemency orders to restore voting rights for ex-felons.
Franklin Foer on Wikileaks and the DNC
Is Donald Trump a Racist?
The RNC Is a Disaster—So Why Can’t I Sleep at Night?
Airport Workers Have Voted to Authorize a Strike During the DNC
How the Police See Us, and How They Train Us to See Them
Social Security: If It Ain’t Broke … and It Ain’t, and It Never Will Be
Police Shouldn’t Ask If a Shooting Is Justified, But If It’s Avoidable
Even the Smart Reptiles Don’t Write This Stuff Down
Women are being silenced in Turkey’s crackdown

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