Links 7/21/16

Links for you. Science:

Did snakes evolve from ancient sea serpents?
Zika epidemic will end in three years, study suggests
How ‘digitizing you and me’ could revolutionize medicine. At least in theory
Elsevier has started destroying SSRN
Dinosaurs Literally Reshaped The Planet


Public Health Takes a Hit Even as Uruguay Prevails in Infamous Philip Morris Investor-State Attack
The controversial GMO labeling bill that just passed Congress, explained
Can the middle class lifestyle my Seattle grandparents had ever be achievable again?
This Week In Chutzpah: Senator Wants To Futz With D.C.’s Job Licensing Rules
DC will have even fewer vacant properties if a new law makes these changes
Where Books Are All But Nonexistent (though Mount Pleasant isn’t low income, not by a long shot)
How charter schools in Michigan have hurt traditional public schools, new research finds
How Exactly Does One Make America, America, Again?
An Open Letter To Tiny House Hunters
An expert on fighting poverty makes the case against a universal basic income
The myth of the Democratic rift: Despite media hot air, the data show Sanders supporters will embrace Clinton
Racism, Stress, and Black Death
How a teacher bombed the SATs
‘There’s No Detox When You’re Dead’: Boston Wants Users To Get High Under Medical Supervision
Rajiv Sethi: On Arrest Filters and Empirical Inferences
One Reason School Segregation Persists
French Artist Creates Mind Blowing Trompe-L’oeil Illusions

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