Links 7/10/16

Links for you. Science:

Where the NIGMS argument doesn’t add up
Scripps Research gets record $120M to change medicine
Juno’s Triumphant Night
Next-generation sequencing diagnostics of bacteremia in septic patients
Venezuela’s Scientific Implosion


There’s a Reason Someone Is Supposed to Keep an Eye on Massive Mergers
Innovation Doesn’t Always Start in the Garage
Inequality, trust & politics
White Nationalist Leaders Praise Trump’s “Stunning” Anti-Semitic Tweet
Why Clinton’s New Tuition-Free Plan Matters
Star Trek’s Sulu will be gay in new movie Star Trek Beyond: Why it matters
For HRC: Profit Vs. Non-Profit Charters
The public execution of No. 558
Gaius Publius: Could Endorsing Clinton Hurt Down-Ticket Democrats? Polling Says Yes.
Private Equity Ownership Leads to Ambulance Woes
The Survivors
Brexit voters are not thick, not racist: just poor
Why Did It Take So Long for Class-Based School Integration to Take Hold?
How about a USPS stamp series celebrating Post Office murals?
The totally legal campaign to steal 2016
A Dad Walks into a Charter School Convention

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