The Identity That Shall Not Be Named

Charles Pierce, on Il Trumpe (boldface mine):

Because beyond Trump’s lies, Trumpism is fueled by a set of truths. American racism is a truth. In Trump’s hands it isn’t ideological, it’s emotional; it’s fluid, it ebbs and flows according to region and moment and opportunity. It’s clever. And the misogyny that’s supposed to make Trump ineligible for the national stage? That misogyny built the national stage. Then there’s class. Class is real, but since the political elites of both parties mostly pretend it’s not, it’s Trump’s for the taking. Trump is taking.

Class isn’t the only thing–not by a long shot. But the denial by the identitarian left that class matters is going to haunt Democrats down the road, in part because it’s something that afflicts all racial groups (as your homework, read this, then think about the previous sentence).

Incomplete analysis leads to incomplete policy–and bad politics.

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