Links 4/30/16

Links for you. Science:

Please stop talking about how science works if you don’t know
The Long Decline of the Dinosaurs
Scientists Have Discovered a 600-Mile Coral Reef
This microbiologist loves bugs, hates hype — and wants you to send him your cat’s poop
Why a yellow fever outbreak in Angola is a “potential threat for the entire world”


Tired of economists’ misdirection on globalization
The Bernie effect? A new poll shows young voters see a big role for government
The Average Webpage Is Now the Size of the Original Doom
Some thoughts on carbon taxes…
In D.C., a push to halt pedestrian traffic deaths
Watch plainclothes DC Police Sgt Terry Thorne act as pedestrian and driver fail to yield 14th St near Trader Joes
Four Thoughts about New York’s Democratic Primary
5 Things We’ve Learned About Hillary Since She Won New York
Are members of Congress becoming telemarketers?
Clinton Hammers Trump’s Lavish Lifestyle. In the Meantime…
“Bros4Hillary” members publicly brag their fake posts led to brief removal of Bernie Facebook groups
Police versus Prisons
Under the Big Black Sun Chronicles the Often Forgotten Story of L.A. Punk
Minimum-wage machine

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  1. sglover says:

    Nice irony in that Wired article, in that the very page describing page bloat is almost a textbook example of pathological web design. This kind of crap increasingly leads me to avoid sites that might otherwise interest me. Salon’s a nightmare that way, and Wired itself seems to be the same.

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