Incorruptible Politicians

One of the weird things this campaign season has been the reversal by many Democrats–mostly those who support Clinton–who have now embraced the Republican notion that campaign contributions don’t corrupt politicians (actually, they clientelize them through various means, but those are details). Maybe Clinton is superhuman–there are a couple of cases, such as educational policy, where Obama clearly wasn’t.

Here’s the problem (boldface mine):

Incredibly, Clinton supporters, to defend their candidate, have resorted to denying what was once a core orthodoxy of Democratic politics: that big corporate donations (let alone being personally enriched by huge Wall Street speaking fees in between stints in public office) are corrupting. In doing so, these Democrats — just as they did when they instantly transformed from opponents to supporters of Guantánamo, drones, and spying once Obama stopped denouncing those things and started doing them — have spent the 2016 campaign vehemently renouncing the crux of the argument in favor of campaign finance reform. About this incredibly cynical and destructive ploy, Adam Johnson yesterday:


For those who say a Democratic presidential candidate can’t raise money, well, Sanders seems to be doing just fine without big ticket fundraising.

Might be a lesson in that somewhere.

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  1. What we need is to abandon this pathological with us or against us mentality in society. But it’s rather like a chicken/egg problem.

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