Links 4/23/16

Links for you. Science:

Here’s What Happened When A Group Of Scientists Went To Confront Their Congressional Tormentors
When to leave the party
A Steady Diet of Seabird Chicks Makes Island Mice Huge
‘We have never been this close’: The campaign to eradicate polio takes a giant step forward
Perhaps there is a drug that can prolong your life. It’s called money


The Chicago School: How Chicago elites imported charters, closed neighborhood schools, and snuffed out creativity (must-read)
Netflix and Ch-Ch-Chilly: How have decades of mass media and technology changed us? A writer returns to his remote hometown — once isolated, now connected. And finds unexpected answers.
Robert Reich: Why Is One of Sanders’ Most Important Proposals Being Ignored? (because we have to be pragmatic. Or something)
Re-explaining Why the Hillary Victory Fund Is an Issue
Senior Clinton Aide Tells Reporter: Fuck Bernie
Denying Discrimination: Clintonian Political Calculus and the Culture of Hooey
Letter #30, 2016: Bernie’s Remarks in Rome (truthfully, I can’t imagine Clinton putting this kind of speech together)
The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans: Nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400 to pay for an emergency. I’m one of them
Sanders and Kasich Should Ignore Any Pressure to Quit
An Open Letter: Let us pause before we bury
What it’s like to phonebank for Bernie Sanders
Hillary, the Panama Papers, and the death of American kleptocracy
Wonks and Activists

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