Links 3/17/16

Links for you. Science:

Solifuge Arachnids (that’s Latin for awesome)
Beyond Experiment: Why the scientific method may be old hat
Should All Research Papers Be Free?
No Wool, No Vikings


The One Key Phrase Trump Changed to Incite Violence Against the Left
Violence Begets Violence — Just the Way They Like It
The Obama Doctrine (this is why I voted for him. Took him a while to get there though)
Drug makers now spend $5 billion a year on advertising. Here’s what that buys.
Newark School Officials Knew of Lead Risks, 2014 Memo Shows
Stalin, Russia’s New Hero
Beyond the 90s
The awfulness of daylight saving time, mapped (I made this point a few years ago)
Covering Donald Trump, and Witnessing the Danger Up Close
The Myth of the Heroic Charter School – Part III
As Americans Take Up Populism, the Supreme Court Embraces Business
The Geography of Trumpism
DC Street Art is Cool Again Thanks to These Graffiti Artists
Facebook post from someone who says they were at the rally. How “violent” was it, really?
Greedy for America
This is why the right hates Donald Trump: He doesn’t question their core beliefs, but they still see the danger

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