Links 2/16/16

Links for you. Science:

Is this the new Intelligent Design creationist strategy?
New Hampshire Lawmaker Cites ‘Onion’-Style Satire Site for GMO Labeling Bill
The solution to climate change that has nothing to do with cars or coal
Traffic Engineers Still Rely on a Flawed 1970s Study to Reject Crosswalks


Stop Humiliating Teachers (pretty much what I think)
Zika Virus in Colombia Presents Complicated Choice About Abortion
Black Lawmakers And Their Staffers Split On Bernie Sanders
Sarah Palin’s English
What Cops Are Saying About an NYPD Officer’s Conviction for Killing an Unarmed Black Man
One Year In: Why A Die-Hard Mechanical Watch Lover Can’t Get The Apple Watch Off His Wrist (And Why That Matters)
Tourists walking across Golden Gate Bridge struck by mysterious blow darts, police say
Putting out the Twitter trashfire
How Capital Mobility Destroys Lives
Scalia: The Donald Trump of the Supreme Court
School Choice Fails to Make a Difference
Masashi Wakui photos
A Question For Democratic Senate Judiciary Committee Members to Ask Sri Srinivasan If Obama Nominates Him to Fill Scalia’s Seat
Okay, let’s have a show of hands here: How many of you progressives want Obama to nominate a moderate to take Scalia’s seat? Because the Supreme Court should always be comprised only of arch-conservatives and a few moderates. How many want a former prosecutor, on the theory that the federal bench does not already have enough former prosecutors, and because the Supreme Court is just toooo pro-non-white-collar criminal defendant and tooo favorable to civil rights plaintiffs involved in the criminal-justice system?
What exactly is Clinton proposing that would end racism, sexism, and discrimination against the L.G.B.T. community? Seriously. What proposals of hers is she claiming would DO THAT?
What Scalia’s Death Means for Abortion Rights in This Country
Why Do Doctors Still Use Pagers?
Only You Can Stop Data Abuse: Red Bank, NJ Edition
The ‘Blame the Campus Liberals’ Campaign Targets Yale

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  1. Chris G says:

    So here’s my thing with GMOs, What’s the first “Oops.”? Better Living Through Chemistry has given us plenty of good things but it also gave us DDT and thalidomide. Nuclear power gives us CO2-emissions-free energy but it also gave us Chernobyl and Fukushima. There hasn’t been a serious GMO “Oops.” yet, has there? What’s the first one going to be? Beyond the first one, convince me that plausible big mistakes are recoverable. I’m a fan of the Precautionary Principle.

    Somewhat related reading –

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