The Establishment Is Getting Nervous: The Massachusetts Edition

We note this Massachusetts endorsement with interest (boldface mine):

A senior member of the Massachusetts House Democratic leadership is breaking ranks with the state’s political establishment and backing Bernie Sanders for president over Hillary Clinton, after supporting her 2008 bid.

Michael J. Moran, a Brighton Democrat and one of Speaker Robert DeLeo’s top deputies, said he will campaign Sunday for Sanders, calling him a better general-election candidate than Clinton because of Sanders’s ability to appeal to low-income voters in traditionally Republican states….

“In November, if you want to take a shot at a candidate that can build our party on a 50-state strategy where we go into the South and deliver them a message that’s ‘Hey, folks, you’ve been sold a bill of goods by the Republicans,’ I think we’ve got the candidate to do it,” Moran said. “You will see some Democratic Party growth in areas we’ve never seen it before.

“There is a big, big difference between these two candidates, at least for me there is,” Moran said Saturday, pointing to Sanders’s more liberal stances on the death penalty and single-payer health care and his long record on income inequality. “He has staked out a position on a lot of issues that I know I care about, and I would suspect a lot of Democrats in this state care about, too.”

Admittedly Brighton is a very young (age-wise) district, so this makes political sense. But it’s also interesting that Moran thinks there’s potential for a 50-state strategy.

Something to keep an eye on.

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1 Response to The Establishment Is Getting Nervous: The Massachusetts Edition

  1. sglover says:

    If Dems follow their usual timid, zero-imagination instincts and nominate HRC, I can see them following her right over a cliff. She is **not** the “safe” candidate. She is uniquely capable of losing an election in which Dems begin from a position of enormous advantage. Otherwise indifferent voters or non-voters will turn up simply to vote against her, and a Clinton dynasty. Who can blame them?

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