Links 2/13/16

Links for you. Science:

Natural History Museums Are Teeming With Undiscovered Species
Stereotypes about Native Americans and alcohol debunked
Obama’s last budget proposal tackles antibiotic resistance, opioid abuse, climate change
Does Zika Cause Shrunken Heads? Here’s What We Actually Know
These Scientists Saw Zika Coming. Now They’re Fighting Back


Celebrated Photographer: Yes, That Is Bernie Sanders. Time Magazine Is Lying.
A majority of low-wage workers earn so little they must rely on public assistance to make ends meet (related posts here and here)
Bernie Has Emily Ratajkowski and Killer Mike. Hillary Has the Delegates.
Let’s stop blaming the alcohol
“Trust Me,” Said the 401(k), “A Sucker Is Born Every Day.” (made this point a few times myself)
The odds that Hillary Clinton wins the nomination on the backs of superdelegates are extremely low
The Sanders coalition: Not what we thought it was (he’s basically doing what the New Democrats always wanted to do–and failed at doing)
While Donald Trump Was Talking, the Supreme Court Was Putting Our World at Risk
Hillary Clinton Plans To Raise Money From Industries With Interests Before The Next President
Hillary Clinton Endorsed By Congressional Black Caucus’s Corporate-Backed Political Arm
D.C. Fire’s Medical Director Quits The ‘Highly Toxic’ Agency (a rare moment of political courage that, sadly, will lead to nothing)
Hillary Clinton’s Record With African-Americans Gets Closer Scrutiny
Democracy Won in New Hampshire: Everything that was supposed to be silenced is suddenly being said (even if some of it is foul and bigoted)
The rise of Donald Trump is a terrifying moment in American politics (though I think Cruz is equally terrifying in a different way)
Why is “Laborism” an increasing influence within the Democratic Party even though union density continues to decline?
I Can’t Hate Donald Trump: I do hate the Republicans who’ve enabled his remarkable popularity.
Heatherwick Studio wants to build a tree-covered mountain in the middle of Shanghai (how do they water the trees?)
Some Ward 1 And 5 Residents Resist Sites For Homeless Shelter Plan

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