Links 2/7/16

Links for you. Science:

USDA Imposes Stricter Limit On Salmonella Bacteria In Poultry Products
Implications of the Brazilian report on pre-Zika microcephaly
How Scared Should You Be About Zika?
Want to be ethical in science? Speak up.
Joe Felsenstein on the ‪#‎parsimonygate‬ Twitter uproar


90% of what goes on at The New Yorker can be explained by Vulgar Marxism
Why Common Ground Between Left and Right Is Not Necessarily Shared
The NYT needs a mathematics editor
Explaining Why Federal Deficits Are Needed
Why is Twitter’s pop-out feature such a disaster?
Trans-Pacific Partnership Being Sold With Bogus Economic Models
Hillary Clinton Wants You to Believe She’s Tough on Wall Street. She’s Not.
Wife crashes her own funeral, horrifying her husband, who had paid to have her killed
Bill Clinton’s Legacy Haunts the Democratic Debate (and this doesn’t even get to the racism and sexism underlying welfare reform–which Clinton supported in her “deadbeats” speech)
The NYPD is Kicking People Out of Their Homes, Even If They Haven’t Committed a Crime
Hillary brought her own Goldman Sachs lobbyist to Dem debate (Electable!)
Remembering The Slocum Massacre
Iowa Caucus Morning After: Apologize for This, Jackasses
Poll: Most voters are ready for a political revolution to redistribute wealth
Suburban Annexation is a Bailout
A Future History of the United States
18 cities in Pennsylvania reported higher levels of lead exposure than Flint
Ken Stabler, a Magnetic N.F.L. Star, Was Sapped of Spirit by C.T.E.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens our liberty

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