Links 10/14/14

Links for you. Science:

Tough choices ahead in Ebola vaccine trials
Ebola Is Bad. But the Flu Is Worse.
A flurry of copycats on PubMed
Despite the name, Teaching Assistantships support the research mission
Vaccine may be only way to bring Ebola under control in West Africa


Krugman, trolling… (absolute must-read)
Hey! Do You Want to Save America? Give Me $5. Why political fundraising emails represent everything that’s wrong with our politics. (excellent)
Why the FCC will probably ignore the public on network neutrality
Reformers Want a New Conversation about Accountability
Reforming Accountability: Does CRPE Have Something New To Say?
What we can learn from Abraham Lincoln’s greatest mistake
Franklin Foer Confuses Amazon’s Subsidies From the Government With Profits
20 years of blogging
Here’s Why Kobani Probably Isn’t Going to Be Saved
How street addresses could help us fight Ebola: A huge chunk of the world is missing something crucially important
Seattle Ranks #1 Safest City for Pedestrians, According to New Study (Boston is high too)
The Nightmarish Politics of Ebola (this is when Fox News and rightwing lunacy could be disastrous)
If Bicycles Took Up as Much Space as Cars …
Marriott’s Shameful Hotel Tipping Scam

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2 Responses to Links 10/14/14

  1. scout says:

    You never know what’s going to inspire someone. The final scene of ‘Dirty Dancing’ did it for this little boy. His mother posted it to Facebook last week and it’s going on 10 million views already.

    Have you seen it? It’s great 🙂

  2. rijkswaanvijand says:

    “Marshall law is like house rules..”

    About “The Nightmarish Politics of Ebola”, and also implied recently elsewhere on the interweb I see big motives..Right at the time world war z came out as a blockbuster movie ($125 million, I think it cost), I was in the middle of breaking down an article by a distinguished professor, dealing with unconsciouss consciousness -as part of a course.

    The implications of such ‘zombie consciousness’-science made me feel compelled to see the movie (I’m not a big horror fan, because most of them movies -like the article of which the title or author I shall not explicitly reveal here- are just silly). And I also read an interview with the writer of the book (wwZ), Max Brooks.

    I noticed how the whole subtext of the story is basically UN-genocide on the sick, homeless and hungry. The basic fear that’s taking place about ebola right now, are almost literally expressed by mr. Brooks in (the online transcripts of) his interview.

    I wrote up a short review on this at the time. Right after which my windows security started crashing, a short while before my windows OS stopped functioning entirely (but lets not get paranoid). This made me loose my write-up, and through the frustrations of having to fix my pc repeatedly in a short while, plus the enduring course load, I forgot all about it.

    That is untill this whole ebola thing started to resonate battle cries of the same stretch, and the same insinuations as in my write-up started flaring across the web..

    If you look at the costs for this movie, plus the explicit cooperation between major Hollywood players and US govenment outfits such as the department of defence, one can hardly see such movie as anything else than propaganda; which probably means there’s explicit motive in it.

    Isn’t NGO ability to repond to such outbreaks at an all time low due to the same ideological vectors? Can this be mere coincidence?

    The more I think about it, the more paranoia starts to seem like healthy sceptisism..

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