Links 2/2/16

Links for you. Science:

Why the FDA shouldn’t bow to parental pressure over Duchenne drug
Lanky bird’s killer kick quantified
Probiotics come with bold health claims, but the science is shaky
The one time I failed to parasitize an established clinical researcher
Why Eric Lander morphed from science god to punching bag
NEJM editorial calls data scientists “research parasites.” Can Joe Biden fix this?


Ezra Klein and Paul Krugman both face-planted in their Bernie Sanders takedowns (must-read)
The Narrative Of School Failure And Why We Must Pay Attention To Segregation In Educational Policy
Get Off My Lawn
The Trumph of the Will
Paul Krugman Revokes Credentials of Those Who Don’t Support Clinton
Why Is Bernie Sanders’ Overwhelmingly Pro-Choice Record Being Attacked? Sanders is one of far too few elected male allies who doesn’t just pay a lip service to women he has actually advocated for reproductive freedom.
I worked on Wall Street. I am skeptical Hillary Clinton will rein it in
Tax Credits and Dollars—Playing Charades with Low-Income Housing (while I’m a known MMT/MMR sympathizer, I don’t think this is a fiat currency issue, but simply recognizing that tax expenditures (‘tax breaks’) and credits are just government spending, inefficient spending at that)
Congress Quietly Kills Ban On Funding Neo-Nazis In Ukraine
Pounding Sanders
Hillary Clinton Laughs When Asked if She Will Release Transcripts of Her Goldman Sachs Speeches
Black lives like my father’s should matter. That’s why I’m endorsing Bernie Sanders.
The Fair Minimum: D.C. Voters Support a $15 Minimum Wage (in D.C., it’s more popular than President Obama)
Reparations and Bernie Sanders: Another View
The Hostile, anti-Semitic Protest at the LGBTQ Chicago Conference Helped No One in Israel or Palestine
I Love this Photo and I Forgot to Post It – So Please Enjoy In Lieu of House of the Day
From the First Gulf War to Islamic State: How America Was Seduced by the “Easy War”

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