Links 1/31/16

Links for you. Science:

Little Orphaned Rhino Finds A Man To Be His Parent
What you eat could be stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep
Why scientists believe dogs are smarter than we give them credit for
What’s a Language, Anyway? The realities of speech are much more complicated than the words used to describe it.
The Fairy Tales That Predate Christianity: Using techniques from evolutionary biology, scientists have traced folk stories back to the Bronze Age.


How Iowa Hijacked Our Democracy
Bernie Sanders has the most realistic plan to boost wages and job creation
The little problem with Clinton’s message that Krugman doesn’t mention in his critique of Clinton and Sanders today: Her incessant claim that only taxes bears negatively against “incomes”.
Former NFL receiver Antwaan Randle El regrets ever playing football
Not Going to Take it Anymore – Doctors in the Pacific Northwest Unionize
Tearing Down is Giving Up
The Bizarre Legal Theories of ‘Sovereign Citizens’
Sanders got 100% ratings from …
Why Are There So Few Black Children in Gifted Programs?
Warren Buffett Raising Money For Hillary Clinton Amid Democrats’ Calls For Probe Into Mobile Home Business
Go West, Young Man
Bile, Bullshit, and Bernie: 16 Notes on the Democratic Primary
Course Reviews and The Older Woman
A Success Academy Teacher Quits and Explains Why
Detroit teacher: ‘Why is separate and unequal okay in 2016?’
Clinton Claims She Was Secretary of State in … the Bush Administration. (I think that’s what she’s claiming, anyway.) (“What worries me more than anything else about a Clinton general election campaign is her propensity to say obviously silly things”)

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