Links 1/26/16

Links for you. Science:

Your home is a jungle inhabited by 100 different species
“Heroes of CRISPR” Disputed
Just Give Up. It’s Impossible to Bug-Proof Your Home
The Power of the “Power Pose”
American Homes Are Filled With Bugs: And that’s okay.


The Democratic Choice: Change or Continuity (smart take)
FOLLOW-UP TO: The critical point that Paul Waldman highlights, perhaps unwittingly, about the healthcare debate between Clinton and Sanders
When Donald Trump goes to Liberty U.
Old machines and missing dollars. Is D.C. ready for an election? (this is so incompetent, it’s hard to believe this is corruption)
America’s Other Original Sin
Hillary Clinton has the biggest glass jaw in politics (note that Cooper doesn’t raise the $11.4 million in speaker fees, mostly from Wall Street and Pharma)
Sagebrush Rebellion Warriors and Government
It’s not just Flint — every major American city has hazardous amounts of lead hurting kids (and this has real effects on education)
Strip Malls are Vanishing from Northeast DC. What’s Going to Take their Place?
Who Lost the White Working Class?
This is Donald Trump’s biggest fiction — and the engine of his insane rage machine
Southern White Women Are Apparently in Pretty Bad Shape These Days
The Future Is Here. It Just Needs a Big Push
The Clinton Campaign Speaks to the New York Times
NYC’s New Public Wifi Is Obscenely Fast
The government really is instrumental in creating growth
The Automation Paradox: When computers start doing the work of people, the need for people often increases.

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