Links 12/11/15

Links for you. Science:

Why the World’s Most Powerful Telescope Has Just Been Ruled Unlawful
Hundreds of researchers are using the wrong cells. That’s a major problem. (covered this last year)
Who will manage outbreaks? A crisis looms for infectious disease specialists
Remain Calm: Kissing Bugs Are Not Invading the US
Your Grant In Review: Errors of fact from incompetent reviewers


A tale of two transit systems: Means-tested T fares could be disastrous (excellent)
US Faces $1 Billion in Trade Penalties for Meat Labels (this doesn’t bode well if the TPP passes)
Just How Dangerous Is Terrorism, Really?
Bernie Sanders Calls for a Carbon Tax
Can America really ‘strengthen marriage’?
Bond, Treasury Bond: 007 is Out of Cash, but Your Government Can’t Be
I gave my students iPads — then wished I could take them back
Why the League of Conservation Voters was wrong to endorse Hillary Clinton (yes, but this is good positioning for getting rich donors. Mission? What mission?)
How Obama Thinks About Terrorism (I don’t know if this is what Obama thinks or if it’s Beinart’s projection onto Obama, but it’s still pretty good)
Map: Plotting Out The Gun Violence In D.C.
South America hacker team targets dissidents, journalists
Will Pseudoscience Undo Roe v. Wade?
They Helped Erase Ebola in Liberia. Now Liberia Is Erasing Them.
Morning Plum: Sorry, Lindsey Graham. Republican voters WANT mass deportations.
Donald Trump’s supporters are rightly angry. They’re just angry at the wrong people.

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