Links 11/30/15

Links for you. Science:

Stop Emissions! A climate scientist argues that it should no longer be acceptable to dump carbon dioxide in the sky.
Meet The Woman Who Made The Military Care About Climate
Good bye to a hut and to all that
Absurd Creature of the Week: Silly Caterpillar, You Shouldn’t Be Devouring Snails Alive
Hawaii reports more dengue (it’s becoming endemic to Hawaii, which could be a catastrophe for the tourism industry)


Donald Trump May Not Be a Fascist, But He is Leading Us Merrily Down That Path (excellent)
A Wealthy Governor and His Friends Are Remaking Illinois: Unprecedented political spending helped elect Bruce Rauner, a fresh-faced financier. But his ideological vision has unsettled many in the state. (must-read)
Clinton’s Bad Caregiving Tax Credit
The last days of the New York mob
Abortion rights groups: Political rhetoric contributed to shooting
Ted Cruz Describes Alleged Planned Parenthood Shooter As ‘Transgendered Leftist Activist’
Why Donald Trump may look like a savior (to use an old school blogging phrase, we are a nation of whiny-ass titty babies)
16th-Century Gothic Chapel Turned Into Starry Night Sky
It’s Never About the Bad Apples
Punk Portraits of New York
Focus Shifts To Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos After Suspect’s “Baby Parts” Claims
White terrorist bingo
FBI searching for armed anti-Muslim protester after Facebook threat to Muslim community in New York
Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others
Abortion Clinics Are Burning, But No One Seems to Care

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2 Responses to Links 11/30/15

  1. onkelbob says:

    I thought the last days of the New York mob would be about Speaker Silver’s conviction. I see the article was about the amateur mobsters in NY.

  2. Min says:

    Catherine Rampell (Trump as Savior): “The survey asked Americans: “On issues that matter to you in politics today, would you say your side has been winning or losing more?”

    “Bizarrely, despite what you’ve heard about our everyone-gets-a-trophy-just-for-showing-up culture, only a quarter of respondents said they were winning. More than twice as many (64 percent) said they were losing. ”

    There is nothing bizarre about it. In fact, 25% winners sounds like a high figure to me. When the oligarchs win, most people lose.

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