Links 11/21/13

Links for you. Science:

Wolf to Dog: Scientists Agree on How, but Not Where
2 million oysters in bay begin restoration effort
Ant science: Ants try to eat protein beverages like solid food
Gorillas Use Ladders in the Wild
What to Do if You Get Invited to a Chickenpox Party: Don’t go.


More Foods That Should Not Exist
America’s angriest white men: Up close with racism, rage and Southern supremacy
My plea to the Massachusetts Legislature: don’t hurt kids as you reform welfare
Quitting the N.F.L.: For John Moffitt, the Money Wasn’t Worth It (I’m surprised he didn’t gut it out for a few more games to get the pension though)
Why Does the Media Ignore Timothy Geithner’s Disastrous Leadership of the NY Fed?
Does your job create real value? Many Americans no longer understand the results of their labor
Revolutionary sausage
Timothy Geithner Goes To Wall Street To Cash In
Obama’s Gift to the Republicans
How Would a Progressive Fix Obamacare?
How the structure of everyday life creates sociopathic corporate leaders
Capital gains: Spending on contracts and lobbying propels a wave of new wealth in D.C.

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