Links 11/24/15

Links for you. Science:

A Mistake About Making Mistakes
Racial bias continues to haunt NIH grants
A ‘supergene’ turns these male birds into female impersonators or sneaky mate thieves — for life
Animal rights group targets NIH director’s home
Meet the sea slug that looks like a fish, lives in the deep sea, and glows


New poll shows Sanders in landslide over both Trump and Bush
Why won’t Chris Christie lead? Why the governor of New Jersey is a political wimp (like most bullies)
One man’s escape from Damascus to Philly
DCPS schools put unmotivated students in AP classes. That doesn’t work.
How high can the minimum wage go?
D.C. Is Healthier Than A Decade Ago, But Major Disparities Remain
When Big Guns Go Down
Economists say cuts could cloud US jobs data
The French Way of War
The Disturbing Truth About How Airplanes Are Maintained Today
Confessions of an ISIS Spy
Why America’s sharing economy needs a massive expansion of the welfare state
In D.C., Hate Crimes Due To Gender Identity Are 10 Times The National Rate
Cameron Murray: Unpopular Economic Opinions
For TFA is it worse to be a charter critic or a Tea Party member?
This is why the Paris attacks have gotten more news coverage than other terrorist attacks.
Nothing to fear but fear itself?

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