The Conservative Predilection For Making Welfare Bureaucracies

In an effort to triangulate against Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton attacked Sanders’ proposal to make college tuition free:

I disagree with free college for everybody. I don’t think taxpayers should be paying to send Donald Trump’s kids to college.

This is a conservative policy point–and it’s really no different from conservative efforts to make government benefits harder to receive:

Essentially, what Paul Ryan wants to do is create a government bureaucracy to monitor these ‘contracts’ (or, maybe monitor the Social Contract?). Conservatives have spent the last forty years railing against this very thing. Of course, people will disagree about whether they hit these ‘benchmarks’, so we’ll need to hire people to adjudicate that process. More ‘big government.’ It also opens people up to the predations and whims of ‘petty government bureaucrats.’ Maybe some will be lenient and kind, others might not….

When you look at the two of the most successful anti-poverty programs, Social Security and SNAP, they don’t involve a lot of monitoring (SNAP does have some limits on what can be bought). They just disburse money to those who need it. Ryan’s plan isn’t liberalism, it’s liberalism as designed by a fucking moron who hasn’t been paying attention for the last three decades.

Our current system requires a massive bureaucracy to figure out who gets aid and who doesn’t, whereas if tuition is essentially free, then government doesn’t have to play a gatekeeper role.

If you’re worried about rich people getting a free ride, then tax them more in a comparable amount to the tuition–just like we do for other ‘free’ stuff the government provides (boldface mine):

The way to not give Donald Trump’s kids free college involves increasing his taxes. Then give the kids “free college.” Democrats really need to get rid of their obsession with means testing everything. There’s a simple way to means test everything: increase taxes on rich people. It isn’t welfare. It’s what the government provides, to everyone, and the price of that is taxes.

We’re gonna get President Trump if the Clinton campaign doesn’t stop talking to itself. I’m sure they all thought this was a true zinger. It isn’t. Echoes of 2008 are still there.

We haven’t even had a single primary yet, and Clinton is already playing the same old New Democrat tune. Partying like it’s 1999…

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