Links 11/21/15

Links for you. Science:

When scientists get a little too honest
Can Miami Beach Survive Global Warming?
Born to Be Mild: Are human beings evolution’s most successful story of self-domestication?
Good Talks Needed to Combat HPV Vaccine Myth
16S Amplicon Sequencing: Identifying microbial diversity (good intro to 16S microbiome studies)


My thoughts on recent campus fracases (I think #1, #6 and #7 are very good)
The Unexpected, Exhilarating Freedom of Being Single at 41
A Cartoonist Created A Beautiful Cartoon Asking People Not To Pray For Paris
The Wishy Washy Centrist Post You’ve Been Waiting For!
Tea F A?
The current NBA draft system is broken
Woman allowed to wear spaghetti strainer in Mass. license photo
Real Power
6 Ways to Keep Terrorists From Ruining the World
Colorado becomes the first state to vote on single-payer healthcare reform
Yes, in case you were wondering, people are already blaming the Jews for the Paris attacks
ISIL: Who’s Calling the Shots? Read the Islamic State’s propaganda and you wonder if the followers might be getting ahead of their caliph (alternatively, like most governments, IS is far less unified than outsiders typically think)
Traffic-calming measures
Hillary Clinton Will Go After Wall Street and Corporate Execs, She Says — Despite Millions In Contributions
Sanders and the foreign policy fight that wasn’t

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  1. paintedjaguar says:

    “Hillary Clinton Will Go After Wall Street and Corporate Execs”

    Sure she will. And Obama’s going to fix the health care mess and run the most transparent administration evah. No more business as usual!

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