Links 2/24/11

Happy Thursday. Links for you. Science:
In a Single-Cell Predator, Clues to the Animal Kingdom’s Birth
Two New Dandelion Species Discovered in Spain
Meet Diania the walking cactus, an early cousin of life’s great winners
Running out of antibiotics — and other drugs too
If any sign hits home for @govwalker, should be this one, right?
What Happens in Vagueness Stays in Vagueness
Revealed: Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people
Sometimes We Call Them Kickbacks, Other Times We Call It the Invisible Hand
Lang/Trachtenberg economic development transition pushes archaic transportation approach
CNSNews’ Jeffrey: “It is time to drive public schools out of business” (theopolitical conservatives have no interest in improving the public schools. They come to destroy them)
Republican Myths in the GOP War on Public Employees

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1 Response to Links 2/24/11

  1. Katharine says:

    Odd, disappointing story I feel compelled to share:
    I am a student at a local community college right now ’cause it’s commutable and inexpensive and my folks are rather money-conscious right now. I am a biology major and I am headed for Nationally-Renowned and Relatively Easily Commutable Public SLAC, where I will finish undergrad.
    I am posting this from a computer lab at said community college, where I am sitting across a rope barrier from what appears to be people who either have the IQ of a slime mold or who slept through school as children, as they apparently cannot do fractions.
    I shit you not. It makes me die a little inside that people this dumb exist, and for fuck’s sake they don’t even have Down’s syndrome or shit like that, they’re eighteen-year-olds who look like they don’t have any of those well-defined genetic mutations that result in clinically-significant levels of Teh Dumb, who apparently can’t even do basic math.

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