Links 8/7/15

Links for you. Science:

Next Generation Science Standards Get Mixed Reviews From Genetics Experts (original journal article here)
Did Ebola emerge in West Africa by a policy-driven phase change in agroecology?
Why doesn’t Boston have a better zoo? (like most science related things, $$$)
Ebola vaccine works, offering 100% protection in African trial
Importing Both Salamanders and Their Potential Destruction


How to Really Defend Planned Parenthood
When People Are Property: How strategically choreographed, racialized fear built prisons out of broken windows.
Where Should a Poor Family Live?
“You tell me that the riots are a good thing? F*ck you. Come to Baltimore and say that”: David Simon on police brutality, the legacy of “The Wire” and the future of American cities
An analysis of United States Census data since 1990 uncovers how infrequently black and white Americans live together today.
Could one of the nation’s largest school districts go without sports, activities?
Dear White America: Your toxic masculinity is killing you
I work at the US Senate. I shouldn’t have to dance at strip clubs to feed my son
“…these burger flippers think they deserve as much as me? Good for them.”
NYPD Chief Bill Bratton: ‘Minority Report’ Is Modern Fact, Not Fiction
“Reform” makes broken New Orleans schools worse: Race, charters, testing and the real story of education after Katrina
On why we need more focus on policing doctrine reform
Boston gets the gold for sports sanity

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