Links 11/15/13

Links for you. Science:

bioRxiv is here
Officials Warn Of Aggressive Coyotes In Fairfield, Conn. (they’ve targeted pets for years, but pack hunting is new)
Is that white supremacist part black?
An Inspiring, Misleading Tale About Breast-Cancer Screening
Nanopore wars


Why I Make Terrible Decisions, or, poverty thoughts (must-read)
The Answer is Yes
Comprehensive Review of ObamaCare Plans Reveals Not Only High Cost for Atrocious Coverage, but Also Apparent Violations of ACA Requirements (it’s going to take a lot to unfuck this)
No Country for Old Pundits
Neo-Nazi Craig Cobb is Pure, All Right — Purely Multicultural
What makes U.S. health care so overpriced? It’s not what you think
Wingnut PAC grifters tell FEC: “Suck it. You’re not the boss of me” even though they are
‘Upscale, Classy, Clean’ People Wanted For Mid-Market Apartment Building Commercial
The high cost of opening a pub in the Back Bay
The Tea Party Really Isn’t Anything Very New
How I Get By: Beatriz M. Reyes-Foster
My daughter lives with her rapist
How Elizabeth Warren Can Bring Wall Street’s Nightmare to Life

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3 Responses to Links 11/15/13

  1. hipparchia says:

    re What makes U.S. health care so overpriced? It’s not what you think, there are a lot of tired tropes in that article.

    people don’t know what the prices are of the health care services that they use? most people in every industrial country have no idea what the “true” prices of their health care services are. health care is free or incredibly cheap (for the “consumer”) in every oecd country, and all of them spend far less than we do.

    fee-for-service is the problem? baloney. canada, france, japan (to name a few) have a great deal of fee-for-service health care, and all of them spend far less than we do.

    home visits are cheaper than hospital visits? not necessarily. sure one home visit is cheaper than one hospital visit, but the programs that are producing the best results in terms of quality of care, quality of life, and patient satisfaction require LOTS of nurse or physician assistant (both experienced, well-paid) to avert one hospital visit. we really ought to do more of this, it’s a terrific idea, but it’s not really any cheaper when it’s done well.

    our health care system isn’t keeping people healthy here in this country? it’s the same elsewhere too, but those countries have far more generous social support systems – better food and housing for those in poverty, better wages and wage protections and more unemployment benefits for workers, more free or affordable education, child care, etc…. all of which helps keep people healthy and all of which spreads the social spending around other programs other than “health care.”

    the article does get one thing right, prices have been going up up up. of course, if families’ and workers’ incomes had been going up at the same rates as workers’ and doctors’ incomes, our health care would still be expensive but expenditures as percent of gdp would probably be a lot closer to switzerland’s today.

  2. jw says:

    how and when are we going to rebel, ‘good earth’ style, and reclaim some wealth for the underclasses?

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