‘New’ Democrats Don’t Realize Their Party Has Changed

Charles Pierce on the failure to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership fast-track approval (boldface mine):

You can’t really understand what happened—or appreciate what may happen next—without taking into account the transformative effect of the economic collapse of 2008 on our politics. There now is a legitimate progressive power base within the Democratic party that no longer takes the prerogatives of the corporate class as inviolable, and that must be considered seriously by any Democratic president and by any Democratic politician. (I wouldn’t have threatened primaries were I Democracy For America, but I’d also be hard-pressed not to admit it might’ve worked.) This is not a failure of presidential leadership. It’s the assertion of political power from another direction. If that unnerves the Green Room consensus, that’s too bad. The president got a bad beat, not because he is a bad president, but because, on this issue, on this Friday afternoon, he found himself trying to sell something to a constituency that has changed.

I’m not sure the “constituency” has changed, as much as I think we finally have mechanisms to be heard. In addition, Senator Warren and a few other liberalish politicians have done well for themselves by representing the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party (to use a phrase).

About damn time.

And while we’re on this subject, once the TPP, TiSA and other trade agreements are made public, I guarantee a lot of economists and pundit-types who argued these treaties would be good are going to look really stupid (or else pretend that they knew these treaties were bad all along).

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