Links 4/26/21

Links for you. Science:

We know a lot about Covid-19. Experts have many more questions
Medical Hypotheses is back, and it’s pushing antimask disinformation
No, We Don’t Know if Vaccines Change Your Period. We do know that researchers do not study menstruation enough.
Canada’s new science budget gets lukewarm reception from researchers
Genomes Reveal Humanity’s Journey into the Americas


You Cannot Reason With Right-Wing Conspiracists
George W. Bush Can’t Paint His Way Out of Hell: The chilling spectacle of watching the political class redeem a criminal, again.
Shock G, Frontman for Hip-Hop Group Digital Underground, Dies at 57 (Humpty Dance!)
San Francisco Contends With a Different Sort of Epidemic: Drug Deaths
A QAnon revelation suggests the truth of Q’s identity was right there all along
The racist ‘replacement theory’ has it all backward
You probably think this post is about you
Why Aren’t We Celebrating Operation Warp Speed?
Making Free College Tuition a Real Thing
The Catastrophic Covid Crisis In India
Sanders, others introduce College for All Act Wednesday in Congress
Chillin’ with Critical Race Theory
Virginia GOP Votes Down Amendment Allowing Observant Jews to Participate in the May 8th Convention (Judeo-Christian tradition blah blah blah…)
Walter Mondale’s Decades-Long Crusade for Fair Housing and the Full Promise of Civil Rights
Vaccinate The World
Misinformation Is Destroying Our Country. Can Anything Rein It In?
Jeep Needs To Stop Using The Cherokee’s Proud Name To Sell Their Vehicles
Dianne Morales Looks for Space—and Support—on New York’s Left
Is Massachusetts undercounting COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes?
As pandemic surges anew, global envy and anger over U.S. vaccine abundance
Anonymous NatSec Officials: The Cuban Ray Guns Are in Syria Now, Just Trust Us on This
Minutes before Trump left office, millions of the Pentagon’s dormant IP addresses sprang to life

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  1. The demand for “Misinformation Is Destroying Our Country….” Reining in the supply and reining in the demand are quite different things. We must know which one is the needful — even if, especially if, it is not clear how to approach either one.

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