Links 6/22/22

Links for you. Science:

Outcomes of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection (Gulp)
Eavesdropping on the Secret Lives of Dolphins in New York Harbor
New Tools Can Make Our Covid Immunity Even Stronger
How common is long COVID? Why studies give different answers
New COVID drugs face delays as trials grow more difficult
The intersectional privilege of white able-bodied heterosexual men in STEM (horrible title–it will alienate those who need to read it the most–but good article)


Elite Republicans are now openly encouraging political violence
Prosecuting Trump for Jan. 6 Is Worth the Political Risk
The Supreme Court’s Legitimacy Crisis: From Recusal Issues to Blatant Partisanship
Arizona GOP candidate who criticized drag was once a fan, drag queen says
Trump’s open confession will loom large at today’s Jan. 6 hearing
Skyrocketing Rent Is Driving Inflation. So why does no one care? (for the same reason I, as someone who doesn’t own a car, doesn’t care about gas prices, except in the abstract)
Bad Congress, Part 1: Ben Tillman
Court document in Proud Boys case laid out plan to occupy Capitol buildings on Jan. 6
Long Covid forces 10,000 NHS staff off sick for longer than three months
Republican justices: the Establishment Clause violates the First Amendment
Nobody Could Have Predicted
The rise of Christian Nationalism. Their god looks like the guy who stormed the Capitol
How the GOP is making national policy one state at a time
Most of D.C.’s Political Establishment Won Big Last Night, But Could Soon Face a More Antagonistic Council
The Jan. 6 hearings show urgency of Electoral Count Act reform
Incumbents Win Their D.C. Primaries, Progressives Clinch Open Races
Biden administration reverses Trump-era rules on land mines
Election Worker Gives Emotional Account of How Trump’s Election Lies Ravaged Her Life

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