Not All Baltimoreans

Or as we used to say in D.C., Baltimorons.

Kidding aside, it’s interesting how some riots apply to all members of a group, while others only to a certain pathological subset:

None of that means that the riots would have been a “correct” response, as Coates observed in the above quote. They are a bad response, like shooting at your own leg because the real target is far too high to reach. But so were the riots after the Joe Paterno resignation at Penn State.

The difference is that many others don’t now regard all Penn State students as possible rioters whereas they make just that generalization when it comes to certain residents of Baltimore.

Or as Ed puts it, you see what you want to see:

Hey did anyone notice – or pause to consider, as it takes very little thought to figure out – what the real Message is in that “Mother scolds and smacks her son for participating in Baltimore riots” viral video? As America’s white people celebrate their mental image of what black people should do… the woman stated, “That’s my only son and at the end of the day I don’t want him to be a Freddie Gray.”

In other words, it’s not Good Parenting finally on display from Those People. It’s another black American trying to teach her son the lesson that in this country the police will kill a black male in this country for looking at them funny.

Views may differ however.

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