Links 3/14/15

Links for you. Science:

Evolution, Perfection and Life
Across the USA, flu season winding down
Insurance companies are slow to cover next-generation sequencing
Largest Risk for Diabetes With Statins Yet Seen, in New Study
Genetics of Why Finns Are Less Anxious Than Italians


A “PR Pawn” Confounds the Public Relations Burnishing of Texas Health Resources and its CEO
Be Very Afraid
A Closer Read of Common Core State Test Questions
Jay Mathews: Don’t Trust Those Who Say That Low-Income Students Can’t Succeed in Rigorous Schools
Remembrance of NAIRUs Past
Walsh to USOC: No “real opposition” to Olympics in Boston(Walsh really stepped in it)
‘Calvin and Hobbes’: America’s Most Profound Comic Strip
CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou: Torture Happens in the US
How Racism Became Policy in Ferguson
Kroger To Open Carry Group In Virginia: Get The F*ck Out
The martyrdom of Tom Schweich
THE CALIBER OF OUR OWN PROFESSORS: Harvard professor flies to Finland!
The danger of neglecting community colleges: As a group, the 15 schools in Massachusetts have struggled. It’s time to change that.
Supplemental: What we saw at the spelling bee!

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