Links 1/9/15

Links for you. Science:

Ripping apart that terrible Atlantic piece on Open Access (don’t make Mick Watson angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry)
Gene Linked to Obesity Hasn’t Always Been a Problem, Study Finds
Ebola response shows flaws in US system (#1 flaw: we don’t really have a system, singular)
New York City Requiring Flu Shots for Preschoolers
Russian science is amazing. So why hasn’t it taken over the world?


How Good Is the CIA?
The System Has Tremendous Capacity If You Don’t Worry Much About The People
Year of the Condo in New York City (time for some class warfare)
Coca-Cola’s anti-American outsourcing scheme: How Big Soda gets the public to shoulder its costs (before there was Über…)
Privilege of ‘Arrest Without Incident’
There Goes the Neighborhood School
Dear Obama Hater – You Just Wasted A Decade Of Your Life
21 Classic NYC Spots That Closed Forever In 2014 (didn’t know about Roseland. Saw a lot of good music there)
Open F|S
Confessions of a former TSA officer
The Kennedy Center is isolated from the rest of DC, but it can’t fix the problem by itself
Today’s problems were visible decades ago, but zoning has blocked solutions ever since
Obama-Hating CEO Had Best Year Ever Under Obama
There’s Nothing Moderate About Jeb Bush’s Position On Gay Marriage
How Boston dreamed of its future, a century ago: A peek inside an influential movement to transform a growing city — and its unfulfilled vision for the metropolis

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