The Conservative Political Con, Elmer Gantry Style

Right wing Republican and perennial presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has an interesting business model (boldface mine):

Like many conservative pundits, Huckabee maintains an email list that he uses to generate income. The way it works is that because of his public profile, lots of people will sign up for his list, and then he can sell those names and addresses to people who want to sell things to those people. Maybe it’s a book from a conservative publisher, say, or a pitch to donate to a conservative cause. But in many cases, it’s just a con….

Huckabee is partnering with another con artist, whose con is to use people’s religious faith as a way to sell them bullshit “miracle” cancer cures and nutritional supplements…

Now let’s think about this on an individual level. Right now there’s a devout couple in their 80s who just found out that their 55-year-old daughter has cervical cancer. They’re terrified. They’d do anything to help her. And then they get an email from that nice Mike Huckabee, pointing them toward a miracle cure for cancer hidden right there in the Bible. It must be legit, because Mike Huckabee wouldn’t rope them into a scam. So they head right over to the web site, watch the video about the “Matthew 4 protocol” and the “frankincense extract,” then they send away for the free bonus gift of “The Bible’s Healing Code Revealed” which comes with a one-year subscription to Dr. Mark Stengler’s Health Revelations—half price if you’re a senior citizen!—and they whip out that credit card and start ordering all the supplements they can. They tell their daughter, with pain and fear in their voices, that this is what can cure her if only she’ll believe and they keep buying.

These are the people—gullible, afraid, at the most desperate point of their lives—that Mike Huckabee sees as marks just waiting to be scammed.

So much for honoring your mother and father.

No wonder the Blood of the Lamb is a little thin these days.

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  1. Huckster-bee is a self-aggrandizing, duplicitous, hillbilly preacher. He’ll sell shit sandwiches to grandma and inject moldy moonshine into dying children while maintaining a specious smirk if it will help him maintain political relevancy (as his bloated, sagging, bumpkin jowls slurp up another check from Rupert Murdoch).

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