Links 1/1/15

Happy New Year! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

Rational and Irrational Thought: The Thinking that IQ Tests Miss (good brain puzzles too)
After 10 years, few payoffs from Gates’ ‘Grand Challenges’ (this has been obvious; also, might have ramifications for Gates’ education reform programs)
New worry: Resistance to ‘last antibiotic’ surfaces in India
Indian silver coins in Viking-age northern Europe and Britain
Scholarly Context Not Found: One in Five Articles Suffers from Reference Rot (linkrot is a problem)


Rage Against the Common Core
Critical decisions after 9/11 led to slow, steady decline in quality for Secret Service (why does an unelected, non-cabinet official have a Secret Service detail?)
Sanders names ‘deficit owl’ his chief economist
1980 And All That
The FCC Just Mysteriously Lost Almost 800,000 Net Neutrality Comments
If Andrew Sullivan Is The Future of Journalism Then Journalism Is Fucked
Most Police Don’t Live In The Cities They Serve
Let’s all screw the 1 percent: The simple move Obama could make to strengthen the rest of us
Right to Own
On Darren Wilson
Origins of the police
If you still trust Tor to keep you safe, you’re out of your damn mind
How CIA Torture Didn’t Prevent an Attack on Heathrow
Senator Berger gets closeup view of his own education cuts
NYPD Getting On My Last Nerve
Data Drives the Bus (Over a Cliff)
Woman in body armor drove around Chattanooga shooting at people (and she wasn’t killed by police)

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