Links 12/26/14

Links for you. Science:

Method and Its Discontents
Authorship and acknowledgment of core facility work
Walking fish raised on land mimic ancient evolutionary transition (amazing study)
Mumps outbreak in the NHL
The Menu Says “Snapper.” Really? DNA barcodes could keep restaurants honest.


Stroad Nation (excellent)
Does the NSA Demonstrate the Innovative Dynamism of the Public Sector?
Family of Cleveland woman seeks answers about her death in police custody
Rewriting Syria’s War
Public spending is not necessarily matched by tax revenue in the long-run
Steve Albini on the surprisingly sturdy state of the music industry (interesting, though I’m not sure I agree)
Hack Spurs Cancellation Of ‘The Interview’: Sony Moronie
How guns make police less safe, their jobs more difficult and communities less trusting (yes, we should be talking about gun control, not feverish visions of a race war)
Cities Target Elevated Levels of Pedestrian Deaths: Safety Initiatives Cut Speed Limits, Add Countdown Clocks at Crosswalks (I think square, right-angle curb corners are a really critical thing)
What is Wrong with Us?
The District has more grocery stores. But a growing number of residents can’t afford food.
Christmas Is the Greatest Jewish Holiday
Lost in Place: Why the persistence and spread of concentrated poverty–not gentrification–is our biggest urban challenge.

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2 Responses to Links 12/26/14

  1. Yes, more square, right-angle curb corners would probably be helpful.
    But they’ve done the opposite, making portions of sidewalks “drivable” for motorist convenience, to the danger of any pedestrian preparing to cross at an intersection (where pedestrians are supposed to cross).

    Also more driver education, and more pedestrian education.
    Too many people (motorists and pedestrians) staring into cell phones, and way too many people on foot wearing dark clothing at night.
    And most shocking – some young motorists I’ve been privy to hear… who complain that pedestrians “shouldn’t be in the road” in public parks. If they don’t think they should have to yield to pedestrians INSIDE a PARK – imagine what their attitude might be toward pedestrians on city streets.

  2. Porlock Junior says:

    Bichirs using latent abilities to walk on land?
    So, phylogeny recapitulates ontogeny.
    Haeckel would be so happy to hear this. (not)

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