Links 11/26/14

Links for you. Science:

Sweet Peach Founder Speaks: Those Startup Dudes Were Wrong About My Company. Speaking for herself now, the ‘ultrafeminist’ 20-year-old founder explains what her controversial product for women really does (are there any tech VC dudes who aren’t immature assholes? Also, not convinced the science will work, but that’s a separate issue)
Galápagos research center may shut down
Once upon a BLAST
Save the Parasites!
Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park


Where at least we know we’re free
What You Might Not Know About ‘Getting Roofied’
Marion Barry, 1936-2014
Rockefeller Center and RCA Building, 1933
Algorithms Are Great and All, But They Can Also Ruin Lives
Scabs, Scantrons, and Strikes at the University of Oregon
Robert Samuelson Wants to Take Away Social Security from the Affluent Elderly
Stop Trying to Save the World: Big ideas are destroying international development
Republican Political Consultant Arrested For Impersonating A Cop
Remember, It’s Not a Lie if David Brooks Believes It
How Paperbacks Helped the U.S. Win World War II
Yiddish Isn’t Enough: A Yeshiva Graduate Fights for Secular Studies in Hasidic Education
This Is the First Article We Ever Published About the Internet
A Review of Joel Klein’s new book
Should We Impeach Chief Justice John Roberts?
New NBA Union Chief Michele Roberts Slams the League’s Old Labor Practices

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